Wednesday, August 30, 2006

DC Area Residents Have 2nd Longest Commute

As discussed here a couple months back, the growth this region has experienced has pushed many people and jobs out to the fringes. Combined with a lack of necessary improvements in the infrastructure, the DC Region has maintained a reputation for having one fo the worst commutes in the country. Well, according to an article in today's Post, we officially have the 2nd worst commute in the country, 33 minutes on average each way in fact. That sounds about right as that is close to my average commute as well.

The long commutes combined with increased commuting costs make this a major issue for employers and job seekers alike. It will be interesting to watch this over the next couple of years as factors such as gas prices and housing costs fluctuate, and as major road construction projects including the Mixing Bowl and Wilson Bridge are completed.


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