Friday, June 09, 2006

DC Region Leads Job Growth

OK, one more for the road. Just ran across this article tonight in the local paper. According to a report released Thursday:

The greater Washington, D.C., region has added more jobs in the past five years than any of the other nine most populous metropolitan areas in the nation...

The region...added about 271,000 jobs in the past five years, more than 60,000 more than the next best region, Miami. Four of the top 10 areas — New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco-San Jose — lost jobs during that time.

Federal government spending continues to play a large role in driving job growth in the Washington region, Priest said. About $52 billion in federal spending was spread across the region last year, up from $48 billion in 2004 and $12 billion in 1990, he said.

No shock here, but more proof of just how hot the economy and the job market is here right now.


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