Friday, October 13, 2006


I've made quite a stir this week, both within my company and externally regarding my decision to move on to a new role. When I joined this company 3 years ago, I primarily did so to work for Gary Cluff, the ultimate corporate recruiting manager, a man that I have known and respected for several years. When I agreed to join his team, we both agreed that eventually my ambitions may outweigh my long-term prospects with this company. Within this last year, I began to get a serious itch to move into a recruiting leadership role. Unfortunately, there is only job one like that at my current employer, and Gary has it. He's not going anywhere for a few more years in all probability, nor should he. The only way I could move up in the near term was to move out.

I've received calls and e-mails about opportunities, I looked occasionally on the ERE and SHRM job boards, but it was always going to be only a truly exceptional opportunity that would take me away from a great employer, a great boss and a very comfortable situation. I narrowed my interest to three words: 'Recruiting', 'Leadership', and 'Maryland'. If I could find those three attributes with a compelling employer, that's what got my attention. I had an interview in the spring with a small non-profit, and even got an offer, but the opportunity just wasn't good enough to merit making a change.

Early in the summer I found a compelling opportunity on the SHRM Job Board. I sent in my resume and had a phone interview. The opportunity was for a Regional Recruiting Manager, based in Maryland, with a focus primarily be on college recruiting, and with an interesting, growing company in a very competitive industry. This opportunity met most of what I was looking for, but as it turned out, I didn't get the job. The Firm's Recruiting Leader said however that he would hold on to my resume just in case anything else should come up in the future. I can't say that I ever expected to hear back from him. But I did. More on that in my next post: "Backpocket" Recruiting

BTW - As if getting a new job this week wasn't enough, I also finally sold my house! We settled yesterday, over 5 months after it went on the market. The stress of changing jobs pales in comparison to the painful experience of selling this house. Getting a new job and selling a house in the same week, as you can see, I do not fear change...


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