Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to Referralpalooza!

Last week, Dave Lefkow was kind enough to acknowledge my work on our firm's new internal employee referral blog on his blog. I got a few suggestions, including one from the Animal and from Craig Silverman.

After alot of thought, I decided to go with something a bit fun, and hopefully attention getting. Welcome to Referralpalooza! (screen shot below)

Yes, same ugly 'mug' there that's on my external blog, guess I need to line up a professional photo shoot to expand the portfolio (yeah, right). This was built on our Intranet Sharepoint platform, so we are a bit limited by it's functionality, but it is a functional blog nonetheless.
At any rate, I've done a few posts there now and am getting a little traffic so far. Blogging is still taking hold internally at my firm. Hopefully as the program continues to grow, the traffic on this blog will continue to grow as well. It's a great platform for providing tips, success stories, and highlights of referral-related events throughout the firm. I'd be curious to know if anyone else out there was doing internal blogging about recruiting. I'd love to have a chat with anyone who does.



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