Monday, May 14, 2007

R.I.M.S. - Part 3

Back in March, I wrote two posts (here and here) regarding the selection process of our new RIMS (Recruitment Information Management System). The balance of March and most of April was spent on final evaluations and due diligence after we narrowed our choices from the 4 vendors we saw demos from to our two finalists, Taleo and Virtual Edge (VE). I was an active participant in checking references on both systems, mostly provided by users in my network. Although both systems are outstanding, it was clear for several reasons that VE was a more appropriate tool for our current and future needs. I’d be happy to discuss our final selection reasoning offline with anyone who is interested.

There were two aspects of VE that truly stood out however, and in my mind were the clear differentiators. First, one of the comments that I heard over and over again while checking references was ‘single line of code’. It was very clear that implementations and upgrades have often been smooth and seamless for their clients because everyone is on the same version of the system. The second clear differentiator was VE Pilot. I have spoken and wrote many times over the past few years about the critical need for ATS Vendors to add CRM functionality to their systems. Up until now, those demands by not only myself, but many others, have fallen on deaf ears. VE has changed all of that however with the recent release of their CRM module, VE Pilot. From what I have seen, there is nothing else on the ATS market quite like it. We are very excited to learn more about what this tool will be able to do to enhance our candidate development and management efforts.

As I am composing this post, I’m heading down to the VE User Conference on the Gulf Coast of Florida for three days of training and networking. I look forward to seeing two of my teammates there, as well as friends with The Newman Group, and many others that I hope to learn from. More to come on this conference as I plan to provide updates here over the next couple of days.


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