Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Life, Work, The Terps and Golf

I haven't done a post in a while (I do owe Part 3 of my thoughts on Job Boards still...), so I thought I would check in. It's been a very busy and draining start to the new year. My grandfather passed away a couple weeks back. His health had been in decline for the past two years. It was the first time I had lost someone so close, death certainly puts things into perspective. At the eulogy I delivered during the funeral service, I said that I thought he was a man that was larger than life and that he was in my eyes a great man. He was great not because of any personal or professional accomplishments, not for any material possessions he may of gained in his lifetime. He was great because the size of his heart, and the strength of his spirit. It was truly amazing looking at pictures of him and my grandmother over their 60+ years together. They were always smiling. Big, beautiful smiles. He will truly be missed.

The past several days have been very busy at work, catching up, some travel, some meetings, and continuing to set up our Experienced Recruiting strategy moving forward. I was in beautiful, warm South Florida at the end of last week to meet with the recruiters based out of our Ft. Lauderdale office. The past two days were spent with the recruiters based out of our Timonium and Bethesda, MD offices. As I have said before here, we have some great challenges ahead of us, but I continue to be encouraged by the desire of our recruiters to learn, grow, and work to build out a world-class recruiting function.

On a much lesser note, I'm mystified by this year's Maryland basketball team. Last week, I saw them be humiliated by an average Miami team. I think that both teams were there to play a basketball game, but it was hard to tell. It was one of the ugliest games I had ever witnessed. Then on Saturday, they come out with one of their best performances of the year, beating the previously undefeated Clemson Tigers. As I write this post this evening, I'm witnessing my Terps being beat up by UVA. They were down by 20, cut the lead to 3, now they are down by 15 again with 10 minutes left. Not looking good. Winning on the road on the ACC is tough, but I was hoping for a better effort tonight. This years Terps are very talented, but unfortunately, very inconsistent as well.

Oh, BTW, my firm is sponsoring a new PGA event this year. A big time branding opportunity for us. if you are a golfer with an established handicap, you must check this out!


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Dennis Smith said...

Hey Ben - thanks for dropping by. I've wondered how your new job (maybe it's not so new anymore) was going.

I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather. He must have been a great man. I hope that we are wise enough to live out our years in such a way that our grandchildren can say the same of us.

Good luck with your challenges in 2007. I look forward to hearing about them.


At 10:40 PM, Anonymous MN Headhunter said...

Ben, looks like our lives have been on a parallel except for the Florida trip.

And it is going to get dang cold here this weekend. Even for Minnesota.

Gopher hockey has slipped a little but we are very optimistic about the new football coach.

How many days to March Madness?

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Ben said...

It was snowing on the way to the airport in Dallas yesterday. We are expecting a high temp on Sunday in the 20s, maybe another trip to Florida might be in order soon...

Too bad about Gopher hockey, my Terps are slipping as well. I'm wondering in Gary Williams is slipping. 3 straight years of inconsistency and underachieving is enough already. And just as my Wizards are making alot of noise, we lose Jamison for 3-6 weeks. Ugh.

Oh well, work is good, family is good, health is good, can't complain too much I guess.


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