Monday, November 27, 2006

A Passion

Recently, I have been approached by people who have seen my blog (or other references online), and they specifically observed that I had a 'passion' for recruiting. It's interesting that they have used that word, because it's one I've thought about alot lately. I've not only thought about my passion for my profession, but also about the implication of 'passion' in evaluating candidates. When doing so I want to see A) can they do the job (i.e. do they have the talent, the skills, knowledge, etc.) and B) do they want to do the job (i.e. are they motivated, are they passionate about what they do?)

When someone is passionate about something, that something is part of them. They are consumed by it. They want to constantly learn more about it and develop a high level of expertise about it. When people are passionate about something, their face develops a glow, they get emotional, they speak with more authority, but they want to hear and understand alternative views as well. This is why I believe that a key component to being successful at what one does is the fact that they are also passionate about what they do. Talent alone doesn't always cut it. Passion is the drive, the internal motivation, and often most undervalued factor in someone's ability to be successful. Passion without talent isn't enough either. But at the very least, passion identifies the motivation to improve, to learn, to grow.

I've been passionate about sports and music my entire life, but I've never had the talent to excel at either. In the course of my career however, I have found both a passion and talent for recruiting, especially as it relates collaboration, communication and creativity. I believe that my passion and talents in these areas have helped me get to where I am in my career today.

Mendoza is passionate about networking. Shally is passionate about sourcing, Jason D. is passionate about community-building and Jason G is passionate about changing the recruiting technology landscape (just a few samples from the recruiting blogosphere). What are you passionate about?


At 3:01 AM, Anonymous Jason Alba said...

I'm passionate about empowering the job seeker (active or passive). I'm passionate about helping others understand what "you will change jobs every 3 - 5 years) means. I'm passionate about helping others begin their adventure to become more career self-reliant. And I'm obviously passionate about JibberJobber :)

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Ben said...

Obviously! Thanks for sharing Jason!

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Laurie said...

Everything old is new again!


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