Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The only thing worse than being snowbound is being icebound. I was up half the night listening to sleet pelting my bedroom window. Most everything is shut down here in the DC area today. No snowdays when you have a laptop though :-(

Oh well, lots to do today anyway. For one thing, I need to worry about two colleagues who came into town on Monday for a meeting yesterday. Their flights were cancelled last night and they are of course hoping to get out today. Our meeting yesterday was the first one for our Employee Referral Project Team. We kicked off the project yesterday by setting the stage for what we want to accomplish (to build a world-class ERP of course), and did some great brainstorming to generate some ideas as to what some of the components of our new program might be. We have alot of work ahead of us, but we have the right ideas, and the right motivation.

Also on my mind today is my trip to Chicago tomorrow morning. Hopefully the roads will get cleared out today and flight schedules will get back to normal by this evening. I certainly don't want to see my colleagues at the airport when I get there tomorrow AM. Of course waiting for me in the Windy City is 10 Degree temperatures. Ugh. I used to like winter, I used to like the snow. Not any more though.

So I have a day of digging out, phone conferences, and e-mails to deal with. For those of you who are snow or ice bound too, make the best of it. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day too!


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