Thursday, September 06, 2007

Props from Copps

Yesterday, a promotional email for the upcoming SourceCon conference was sent out, complete with an interview with one of the scheduled presenters, Dave Copps. I met Dave at the Virtual Edge Power Summit a few months back and was blown away by his ideas and work in Semantic Search. I'm thrilled to see that he'll be presenting at SourceCon next week, but am disappointed that I'll only be able to see a portion of his presentation, as I'll have to leave a bit early to catch a flight home.

In the interview with Dave, he was kind enough to mention me, although his quote was a bit inaccurate:
The first three things you should do are - network, network and network. Many answers are already out there right now and being talked about by your peers. If you haven’t already done so, set up a feed reader and subscribe to recruiting blogs - make sure you add Jimmy Smith and Ben Gotkin. Ben has even created a Ning social network of recruiting blogs at
Of course, Jason Davis is the creator of, Dave might of meant that I had created a private subnetwork off of, which I have to admit, I haven't done much with lately. Again, thank you to Dave for the very, very kind words, but I also want to make sure the record is set straight too.

At any rate, if you are attending SourceCon next week, do be sure to seek out Dave and network with him too. I've seen what he is developing, and it will, IMO, revolutionize Internet sourcing as we know it.

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