Thursday, June 15, 2006

New WTPF Web Site

I crave networking and collaboration. I do that in a number of ways, including a couple local HR/Recruiting organizations such as Project SAVE, Project SAME, and WTPF. My involvement in WTPF harkens back my involvement in the DC-Area EMA 'Chapter' that existed up until a few years back when SHRM decided to break up the SIGs. At that time, I was on the planning committee of that Chapter, and although we were not an official SHRM Chapter, we had SHRM/EMA's backing and were focused on putting on local events, in particular, monthly breakfast Buzz Sessions and Panel Discussions. In the late 90s and early part of this decade, these were extremely popular events, where we were able to pull out 100+ attendees on a monthly basis to share and collaborate in a highly energized environment. It was really kind of a 'Golden Age' for recruiting collaboration in this area.

When SHRM decided that they did not want to support the SIGs anymore, they gave us a choice, either become an 'official' SHRM chapter or affiliate with an existing local SHRM chapter. Neither option was viable as none of us involved had the resources or interest in running a SHRM chapter, nor did we believe that affiliating with one of the several DC area SHRM chapters was in our best interest. Our primary interest was to simply continue delivering the great monthly events that we had been delivering. Eventually, we decided to join forces with WTPF, a separate local HR organization that includes the membership of 120 local companies (including over 1000 individuals). WTPF knew of our success with producing monthly events and was more than happy to add in more recruiting-related content. I remained on the planning committee and we have continued to produce some great monthly sessions, as well as annual all-day events that have also been quite successful. This year, our all-day event is called Talent ROAR (Recruiting, Orientation, Assimilation and Retention), will be held in September, and will have Lou Adler as the keynote speaker. There will be another post about this event in the coming weeks.

This year, I was nominated to join the WTPF Board as VP, Technology. WTPF had been interested for a while in upgrading their website, and someone thought that I could help shepherd that process, and do so to coincide with their 45th Anniversary celebration, which happened to be yesterday. I'm proud to say that yesterday afternoon, we got the new Website launched, and even though it still needs a bit of work, it's a vast improvement already over what was there before. Much thanks to our President, Kim Clark-Pakstys, our VP Communications Liz Alston, Dept. Director Jonathan Bein, Ryan and his team at Ziplex, and Tammy for the time and effort you put into getting this site up-and-running. It's been a rewarding experience for me to see all this come together, and I hope that this will as a result provide our membership with a much improved way to access information that will be of value to them.


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