Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NRT: March Madness Update - Ugh!

Ugh, what an ugly weekend. My Terps lost to a more disciplined, sharpshooting Butler squad. Good luck to Butler in the Sweet 16, they exposed the Terps weaknesses well.

Oh well, 7 months until practice starts for the 2007-08 Maryland Men's basketball team. They will be a very young team next year, but I'm optimistic that there are some very solid pieces (Vasquez, Hayes, Boom & Gist) in place. Until then, Go Lady Terps who battle Ole Miss tonight in the Women's Tournament as they continue their quest to defend their National Title.

In terms of my tournament bracket, it's a disaster. I actually did well in the first round, picking 28 out of 32 winners. The 2nd round was another story though, picking only 7 of the 16 winners. To make matters worse, my son is whipping me, and is darn proud of it too! He got 27 out of 32 in the first round, and 13 out of 16 in the 2nd round. I've been doing these brackets for 20 years now, this was his very first one. Kudos to him for doing so well, if he would just stop rubbing-it-in now, I'd be feeling a bit better about it at this point.

All I'm looking forward to now is more good games. This is a great time of year for college basketball fanatics like me. So from here on, the more 'buzzer-beaters', the better. Oh, and another thing to look forward to, Opening Day is less than two weeks away. Sweet! (also, click here to see progress on the new Nationals stadium!)


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