Thursday, June 22, 2006

Congrats to Jason G.

As reported at, Jason Goldberg has been nominated for the 2006 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. I've known Jason for a little over a year now, and have the upmost respect for his vision, his spirit, his energy, and his heart. I first saw Jason (who was raised here in the DC area BTW) when he launched Jobster at the 2005 Spring ERExpo. I had heard about this Jobster thing a few months prior and couldn't wait to learn more. After witnessing the launch, I had to learn more. I met Jason and his team that week, and have been a fan ever since.

Jobster is all about driving the next generation of recruiting technology. It is about connecting people with jobs through the power of networks, it is about pushing job content out to targeted audiences, it is about exploring new and innovative ways to reach out and inform people about opportunities that they may never of thought about considering before. Jason is a true innovator and entrepreneur, and this nomination is a well deserved honor.

His work is not done however IMO. Much of Jason's success has been due to aligning himself with many of the top thought leaders and practioners in the business. I was honored to be invited to join the Jobster Customer Advisory Board last year. Through the board, I have had the opportunity to interact and collaborate with many of the top minds in the business and I thank Jason graciously for that. At the first board meeting in Seattle last year, he wanted to learn about us, our challenges, what we want Jobster to be. My concern then, as it is today, is that Jobster still has not done enough to educate the general public as to what this new paradigm is all about. Jason said that they have no plans to do Superbowl commercials, which is fine by me, but other things can be done to communicate to the masses that Jobster offers a "better way". Maybe the next step is Jason on CNN? MSNBC? The Today Show? Newsweek? Jason does a great job selling to prospective clients, now it's time to sell to everyone else.

So to Jason, my fellow Redskins fan, congrats again, and keep up the great work!


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