Monday, June 26, 2006

Wanted: Boat Captains and Sump Pump Operators

We had just a bit of rain here over the weekend in the DC area. I fortunately wasn't affected too much myself, other than sitting through a couple rain delays at the Nats-Orioles game in Baltimore on Saturday, and having to drive through some torrential downpours and standing water most of the weekend. Others have not fared as well though unfortunately. Downtown DC was flooded in areas, some major roads were flooded out, but I haven't heard anything yet about the rain affecting SHRM (except that Joel's flight has been delayed).

This certainly puts a damper on outside activities for those in town looking to explore, especially since it appears that more thunderstorms are in the forecast through tomorrow PM. Good news though is that there are still plenty of excellent inside entertainment and dining options available just a short cab ride from the Convention Center. A taxi might be the best way too as the Metro system has had some problems from the flooding. So eat, drink and be merry SHRMers, I'll be by for a quick visit tomorrow and hope to see some friends and colleagues there. Now, where did I put that canoe...


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