Monday, March 26, 2007

Expo Bloggin

T-Minus 22 days until the next ER Expo. For the third straight year, I will be heading to San Diego for the best recruiting conference in the business. In 2005, I walked away with so many tactical ideas that I filled a whiteboard with them back in my office. Last year, the networking was sensational. This year, I'm hoping to see a good mix of recruiting knowledge acquisition and hard-core networking, and you can read about it both here and on the ER Expo Blog.

I was planning on blogging anyway, now I guess I'll 'cross-blog' between here and there. If you are planning on attending, please reach out so that we can meet-up. I have a list of several people I plan to reach out to myself to make sure we connect there. Can't wait to get to sunny SD. Hopefully I'll see you there. If not, hopefully I'll see you here :-)


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