Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blogs, ATSs and Job Boards over Fried Rice

It was 'Cheezhead meets the Beltway Bloggers' (Scott, Tiffany and Me) today at Eat First. The four of us met up at the SHRM Convention, made the short (and rather humid) walk over to Chinatown, and kibbutzed over some good Chinese food.

I've known Scott for a while, and we happen to have an equal interest in Recruiting Technology. In fact, we will be co-presenting at the upcoming WTPF one-day conference, Talent ROAR, this September. It was also great to finally meet Joel and Tiffany after exchanging e-mails, phone calls and blog comments.

We got to know each other and shared some war stories. We discussed recruiting technologies and the local recruiting landscape. I enjoyed the time personally. Collaboration is the best way to learn and grow in my book, and always made even better over a good meal!


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